FPP has the ability to manufacture a wide range of structural panels...

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels,  Our Specialty...                                                                                                            

  1. Bullet  Aluminum face sheets come in a large variety of thickness and sizes, with many options for painting, anodizing, Secondary Laminating, etc...

  1. BulletAluminum honeycomb panels can withstand most rigidity
    requirements, while dramatically reducing weight. 

  1. Bullet Honeycomb core is tight tolerance and gives the greatest advantage for Edge Enclosure and Custom Features

  1. Bullet  Tight tolerance aluminum honeycomb panels can be achieved with strict visual requirements.  panels are Fire Rated A+ (no smoke or fire spread)


We offer many composite panel solutions...

  1. Bullet  Panel Products can be virtually limitless.  Please feel free to Contact Us with any material combinations and design requirements.  It is our commitment to provide our customers with a high level of customer service and experience for any laminated panel product.

Metal Faced Panels with Wood Core...                                                                                                        

Foam Core Panels...                                                                                                       

With our experience in manufacturing laminated panels, we are able to offer virtually unlimited material combinations.  We consider ourselves a  “Job Shop”, which means we make your panels on a made-to-order basis.  No matter the panel application, FPP panel lamination service ensures a material combination to fit your projects properties and performance requirments.  Edge enclosure, custom features can be incorporated in most panel designs for added value.  We are committed to being cost effective, fast, while maintaining excellence in our products.

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  1. Bullet  Paper core, polypropylene honeycomb, and many other core substrates can be utilized

  1. Bullet  Standard sandwich, oversize, complicated, and made-to-order panels is offered to all customers at a fair price.

  1. Bullet  Up to date technology and a full machine shop is just a couple of reasons FPP should be your preferred panel manufacturer.

  1. Bullet  Our employees are craftsman and have a extensive background in panel fabrication.

  1. Bullet  Core substrates can be Plywood, MDF, Particle Board, OSB, and More.

  1. Bullet  Face sheets can be various types of aluminum and steel.

  1. Bullet  Panels can be painted, textured, and have most Custom Features for added value.

  1. Bullet  Core and Facing combinations offer very cost effective solutions.

  1. Bullet  High range of Face sheet materials, including aluminum, wood. steel, laminates, etc...

  1. Bullet  Range of foam core density options to achieve required impact resistance, insulation properties, and panel strength.


  1. Bullet  Most cost effective panel solution with many added value options.

  1. Bullet  The most light weight panel construction with fire retardant foam core options.

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